Wendy: Lost but famous

2023 | Docu-Series | Lifestyle | Post-production 13 x 25 min

ViX | EndemolShine Boomdog

Wendy opens the doors of her daily life to us. Love, fame and money. The ties with her closest friends.

Voices By E!

(Second Season)

2022 | Documentary | 1 x 52 min

Moodhunter Colombia | E! Entertainment

Three transformations and multiple voices that inquire about Latin American women and their relationship with digital media.

Voices By E!

2021 | Documentary | 1 x 52 min

Moodhunter Brasil | E! Entertainment

An experiential research on how Latin American women are represented on screen.

Chaos in Kolumbien: Ein Land blickt in den Abgrund

2021 | Journalist Report

1 x 13 min & 1 x 6 min


A look at the 2021 national strike in Colombia that gave rise to social unrest.

Humboldt und die Neuentdeckung der Natur

2018 | Documentary | 1 x 45 min

Spiegel TV | ZDF | ARTE

Appreciating the life, work and achievements of the German geographer, naturalist and explorer Alexander Von Humboldt.

When Heroes Fly

2017 | TV Series/Drama | 9 x 45 min

Keshet | Spiro Films | Netflix

Four Israeli friends meet again in Colombia after twelve years to undertake the search for their friend Yaeli, who was believed dead.

Best Series  – Cannesseries 2018

Flexible Education

2017 | Institutional Documentary | 1 x 18 min

Ministry of National Education (Colombia) 

Understanding the educational models implemented by the Colombian government that impact rural areas.

A Sloth Named Velcro

2014 | Documentary | 1 x 54 min

Beluga Smile Productions | PBS

A story of friendship and a growing network of people working to learn more about sloths in order to protect them.

Procolombia: Medical Innovation

2013 | Campaign | 3 x 1 min

Discovery h&h

Promotional spots that recognize health services in Colombia within the framework of Proexport’s “Choose Colombia” campaign.

The Starky Project: Making a Difference

2012 | Documentary Series

The Starky Hearing Foundation | Wondros

We follow the Starkey Hearing Foundation project on its trip to Colombia, in which the group supports young people from Altos de Cazucá and their community.

Fashion Hunter

2012 | Docu-Reality/Lifestyle

Anima Films | A&E

In the world of fashion…being backstage can be a little hectic. Oscar Madrazo takes us on a behind the scene look at how catty the catwalk really is.


2012 | Docu-Reality/Lifestyle

Anima Films | Cosmopolitan TV

Stories of women in Latin America who end up connected.

What Are Men Thinking?

2012 | Talk show

Nippur Media | Utilísima

What really goes through the male mind? Actors, athletes and singers chat with Araceli Gonzáles to reveal the mystery.


2012 | Series

Navajo Films | Glitz

The model Eglantina Zingg tours Latin American cities to highlight creative talent.

The Horse Whisperer

2012 | Docu-Reality | 10 x 43 min

Rudamacho TV | National Geographic

Equestrian trainer Martín Ochoteco, has a unique style of training which is non-violent.

Urban Sex

2012 | Erotic Documentary | 1 x 25 min

Cru Films Argentina | HBO

A series that discovers the erotic side of various Latin American cities including Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Río de Janeiro.

The Inquisition in Latin America

2011 | Documentary | 1 x 45 min

RM5to Elemento | Discovery Channel

A portrayal of symbolic locations that mark the Latin American Inquisition.

Extreme Worlds

2011 | Docu-Reality | 8 x 1 hr

Endemol | Discovery Channel 

A look into what life is like for unknown communities in Latin America that choose to defy social conventions.

Beautifully Chaotic Stories

2011 | Campaign | 4 x 3 min

Nippur Media | Discovery Kids | Huggies

Tender short stories of how the arrival of a child definitely changed the lives of their parents forever.

Neighborhoods at War

2011 | Documentary | 1 x 43 min

Tomlinson De Onis Productions | Discovery Channel

A look at the problematic control by armed gangs in Latin American cities.


2011 | Docu-Reality | 1 x 45 min

Nippur Media | National Geographic

The hunt for unique and original Colombian, Mexican and Argentinian objects.


2011 | Documentary | 1 x 52 min

Gary Hustwit – D&C Projects | Independent

Documentary on architecture and planning that features the former mayor of Bogotá Enrique Peñalosa.

How Do They Solve it

2010-2011 | Documentary | 1 x 45 min

Nippur Media | Discovery Channel

An indepth look a the technological challenges facing companies and public works in most Latin American cities.

Take Home Chef

2010 | Docu-Reality/Lifestyle | 1 x 43 min

Cuatro Cabezas/Eyeworks | Discovery h&h

A renowned chef surprises a guest at the supermarket and goes home to share their culinary secrets.

Killing Instinct II

2010 | Docu-Drama | 2 x 43 min

Endemol | Discovery Channel

Stories that portray a notorious serial killer case that occurred in a country in Latin America and shocked society.

ESPN News Specials: Soccer With Heart

2010 | News Special | 1 x 6 min


How one soccer league in conjunction with the Heart Foundation managed to impact sports in a positive way.

ESPN News Specials: Javier Flórez Case 

2010 | News Special | 1 x 12 min


An investigative report on Colombian middle fielder Javier Florez who was accused of the death of a fan.


2010 | Documentary | 1 x 25 min

Mike Mathis Productions | NUVO TV

Stars like Paula Garcés return to their place of origin and reconnect with their roots.

My Ideal Dog

2009 | Docu-Drama | 1 x 43 min

Havas Sport | Animal Planet

Maggie and Enrique help three Colombian families adopt a dog in a responsible way.


2009 | Documentary  | 1 x 43 min

Endemol | Discovery Channel

Recreation of rugged cases solved by the Police.

Sweet Moments

2009 | Docu-Reality | 1 x 43 min

Cuatro Cabezas/Eyeworks | Discovery H&H

This J&J series helps solve baby problems such as sleep, healthy eating or daily bath schedules.


2008 | Documentary | 1 x 43 min

Cuatro Cabezas/Eyeworks | Discovery Channel

A series based on Latin American criminal cases solved through the use of the most advanced forensic techniques.

Risky Jobs

2008 | Documentary | 1 x 43 min

Cuatro Cabezas/Eyeworks | History Channel

Some Latin Americans put their lives at risk every day they go to work. Discover the most dangerous jobs in Latin America.




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